Adjudication of disputes from ancient times to modern era has changed with the growth of civilization. When the laws were codified and the process of adjudication regulated, the adjudication of disputes changed from “individual-centric” to one of “individual versus State”. Ever since the advent of Indian Constitution, the Judiciary one of the pillars of Democracy and Legislature each play an independent and important role catering to the needs of the people of Indian Democracy by creating the necessary infrastructure to address the large number of disputes brought to the Judicial System for resolution. Over the course of time and with the evolution of law and increase in litigation, the role of a Judge changed. The judicial infrastructure changed from a simple to a complex form with various tiers in the hierarchy. The adjudication process lengthened with the increase in the number of codified laws and the resultant litigations. 2. The growth in population fuelled a large number of commercial disputes between individuals and the State. New laws presented a challenge to the judicial system, calling upon the Institution to introspect on newer methods of resolution of disputes and for early resolution of the ‘lis’. 3. A Judge, over a period of time, in addition to judicial duties had to take a proactive role as an ‘Administrator’ in providing various frameworks and infrastructure for speedy adjudication of disputes. The bottom-line in this endeavor is to create sufficient judicial infrastructure for the growth of the Judiciary as an Institution, from the lower levels upto the Superior Court. Read more

Appointed as Acting Chief Justice of High Court of Jammu & Kashmir vide notification No.K.11019/07/2018-US.II dated 13th March,2018..

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"Random Thoughts"

"If the Indian Constitution is our heritage bequeathed to us by our founding fathers, no less are we, the people of India, the trustees and custodians of the values which pulsate within its provisions! A constitution is not a parchment of paper, it is a way of life and has to be lived up to. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty and in the final analysis, its only keepers are the people. Imbecility of men, history teaches us, always invites the impudence of power. ".

-- - Extract from Justice H.R. Khana
Making of India’s Constitution (1981)


Hon'ble the Supreme Court in “All India Judges Association v. Union of India, AIR 1992 SC 164” had laid emphasis on in-depth training for Judicial Officers. It was desired to have a regular set up where Judicial officers of all ranks would get judicial training on regular basis. After the commissioning of National Judicial Academy at Bhopal, Judicial Academies formally were established by some of the High Courts. High Court of Jammu and Kashmir also established regular Judicial Academy in the year 2001, Vide Hon'ble High Court of Jammu and Kashmir's Order No. 342 Dated 26th July 2001. Since then Jammu and Kashmir State Judicial Academy is functioning regularly and is holding training programmes on regular basis.




Jammu and Kashmir State Judicial Academy holds the rare distinction of being one of the oldest Judicial Academies in India. Though it was not formally established  and did not have regular infrastructure but it continued to function on the need basis. It first started functioning in the year 1973 as Jammu and Kashmir Judicial Officers' Training Institute, under the leadership of great visionary Chief Justice of  High Court of Jammu and Kashmir, of the time Sh.Murtaza Fazal Ali. First batch of Munsiffs/Judicial Magistrates were imparted 'Induction Training' by the Training Institute in the year 1973. Thereafter Jammu and Kashmir Judicial Officers' Training Institute had been holding 'Induction Training' courses for the newly recruited Officers of Subordinate Judiciary, on every selection. Apart from 'Induction Training' courses,  few Workshops and Refresher Courses were also organised by the Academy from time to time.


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