To provide comprehensive training to the Judicial Officers, Executive Magistrates, Government Officers, High Court staff and Ministerial staff of the Subordinate Courts.


To inculcate self-confidence, loyalty and a judicial work culture;

To imbibe judicial ethics and standards of judicial conduct;

To sensitize them to the values and ethics of the Constitution;

To help improve performance in delivery of justice and in judicial administration;

To enable updating of legal knowledge and to sensitize them to changing demands of the system;

To familiarize on the forces operating at the social economic, political and administrative environment in which judges work;

To enhance their sense of idealism, humanism and social justice;

To develop analytical and communication skills and research and writing skills necessary for the job;

To impart skills of management of men and materials including computer technology, case flow and accounting techniques;

To sensitize on gender issues, juvenile problems and social responsibilities;

To influence personality development on the lines of hard work, honesty, impartiality, public service, judicial dignity and respect for human rights;



updating knowledge of law and practice in selected areas;

improving skills of court and time management;

inducting of new ideas and experience to tackle changing tasks;

improving work culture and developing judicial balance to problems;

sorting out angularities and prejudices;

preparing for higher judicial responsibilities;

identifying weaknesses and correcting them;

sharing experience among the judicial fraternity;

increase efficiency and accountability;

understanding the nature and scope of new jurisdictions and powers;

testing the abilities and skills in comparative situations;

learning the management of stress and crisis situations;

interact with leaders of other professions who have insights to contribute on role of judiciary in responsible governance;

think collectively on maladies like delay, access, cost, difficulties of litigants, bar-bench relations etc;

strategies for improving working conditions and increasing productivity of judges.





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